She have gave lots of smiles.

I got a whole bunch of new followers lately so I just wanted to say…


And to all of you who are new to the Carmilla fandom, welcome!
Also apparently I am making gifs now… Look at that.

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carmilla being the type of girlfriend who everyone thinks is the disinterested type when it comes to anything relationship-y but in reality she’s actually the biggest romantic of them all and will recite poems while cuddling and make breakfast in bed more times than strictly necessary but she’s up…

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"Seduction eyes."
literally everyone in the carmilla fandom (via agaysongbird)
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I watched all of carmilla and I’m in love.

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What if Carmilla requires blood every 5 hours

What if Carmilla has been tied up for more than 5 hours and sorta feels weak but she fakes passing out so they untie her


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me about laura and danny:hell yES
me about laura and carmilla:hell yES
me about literally every ship on the show:HELL YES
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That bunched up little face you make when you’re angry is hilarious, buttercup.

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*john green voice*:but when was the last time the girl kissed the GIRL in romance? has that been done? i don't think it's been done
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Laura & Carmilla | Torture Me 

"Torture me with all I’ve wanted"

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